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Subject: X-SEED 4000
The text I have  enclosed in this mail written by the world renown artcritic Pierre Restany was written about Monument in french 1968 for the 5th Biennale in Paris.
I hope you will forward this proposal to the director for the event at the Canadian Architecture Centre.
The text or part of the text could be used in your exhibition, one way or the other, for the french audience of Canadians.
The contents of the text is quite extra ordinary interesting as well as Restany's name.
There is connections between Vladimir Tatlin's Monument and Restany as well as with our Monument and the interpretation or the definition of architecture. The difference is that our Monument was built with "electronic cement"a construction without mud, glass or steel and carried out to 150 million visitors in the blick of an eye from the highest multiple towers in Europe 1968. In that way, in time and space the Monument was mobile but larger than X-SEED 4000, greater than Buildings like The Taipei 100 Tower, Great Pyramids, Eiffel Tower, the CN Tower  or any buildings drafted by Daniel Libeskind, Frank Lloyd Wright, Zaha Hadid, Jorn Utzen, Antonio Gaudi, Le Corbusier ....
Think about it!!!
All the best
Ture Sjolander
Enclosed: Text Catalogue 1968: "Un Nouvel Humanism" Pierre Restany. (Google)